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Stuntsesh: Sick to see so much progress

It’s Sunday-Funday again and we headed out to ‘hoek van holland’ to meet up with Dave and his dad who we met last year while chillin’ in Amsterdam with the boys Khalid, Rob & Steve (OWS), Jantje, Bob and Makki ( excuse us for the shout-outs but you know how we roll ). After that sesh we kept in touch and met-up a bunch of times but as winter fell over the Netherlands the sessions with the crew became scarce because everyone is in different cities, bikes went down and life just happend.

So last Sunday we decided to take the drive and see whats poppin with our brother, chill and take some epic shots.

The guys we’re a bit late because Paul needed to fix the new bike up ( Dave’s dad is going to take a plunge into stunting also and it’s going to be epic to see him do this at his age ). So we fiddled around with the camera at the stunt spot and took some test shots to present our new collection. Still struggling to find the right style for the shots.

After some time and a quick coffee at the gas station, the slow as f*ck squad finally arrived on the spot. And the guys unloaded their machines. After talking and looking at Paul’s bike for a couple of minutes ( you know how it is with new bikes ) it was time to rip shit up!

Dave started out on his Honda CBR with full stunt setup and we were pretty amazed by the progress he had made in such a short time.

After some warm-up rounds he then out of the blue proceeded to set a epicly placed scrape which sadly we didn’t get on camera. But at least we tried!

In the shot above you already see that his rear tire is deteriorating after doing some small burnouts, the pieces of rubber just fell off.

It was time to retire the old Honda for now and hop on the new one, which is still bone stock, so no handbrake setup and no stuntgearing. After strugglin’ for a few minutes he really got the hang of it and popped some sweet balance point wheelies on that thing, we even think it went smoother on that bike then on his stunter as Paul pointed out the injection makes a shitload of difference compared to a bike with carbs.

So the battery of the camera went dead and as prepared as we were we didn’t bring an extra ‘charged’ one. So that kinda sucked as we missed the shredding of the wack-ass tire Dave mounted to his bike, he blasted that thing into the eternal rubber retirement fields with a solid pop of the clutch and twist of the wrist!

Time to end this epic day and head home!

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