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Stuntsesh: Khalid’s birthday bash dedicated to Klaas de Jong R.I.P

What should have been a happy day was clouded by the fact Khalid’s friend, mentor and OG stunter Klaas had passed away the week before so this session became a tribute to him. Although you could feel the pain it was an epic day, probably one Klaas would have enjoyed a lot with all the stunters coming from The Netherlands, Belgium and Germany.

R.I.P Klaas de Jong 1977 – 2019

After the police politely asked us to move away from the spot we originally supposed to ride we headed out to the best spot in town. While everyone unloaded their bikes we had some catching up to do with friends we’ve had not seen in a while.

Like always the first one on the tarmac is our brother Makki, this crazy ass mofo just can’t wait to rip it. When Makki is in town shit is going down, you know there will be wild tricks and probably a crash ( mostly in the bushes ) it’s almost like he does it on purpose to showoff his crashing skills.

It didn’t took long for others to join the party and things started to get crazy. Wheelies got popped like it was nothing and the tarmac was getting shredded to pieces with epic scrapes and then you realise these guys are just warming up and taking it slow. The real fun has yet to start.

For our brothers Steve and Rob from One Wheel Street it was the first time on the bike this year. It’s was down the whole winter for maintenance but finally ready to rip. Glad to see them boys back in action again and sending it big time! Can you spot the smile underneath his helmet? We definitely can as Steve is a depressed turd when his bike is down ( love bro 😉 ).

As you can see Rob still doesn’t look really happy, but i guess this is his regular face so we got to forgive the man for not smiling when we’re taking sneaky shots, we’re just like paparazzi laying in the bushes no one is able to hide from.

Got pretty bored of the regular angles so decided to look around and see what the spot had to offer to change things up. Tried some shots from the stairs of the small building in the corner and like a real monkey boy climbed on the railing for some more height. Really like the outcome of this angle as there is just a lot less background noise.

Another rider we haven’t seen in a while is Chucky, this guy does some really insane stuff. He’s just bouncing all over the place, doing stoppies, wheelies, drifts, burnouts and just making noise with that DRZ. He started this whole stunt thing about 2-3 years ago and has made sick progression we’ve first met him last year on this same spot.

We’re all there to support each other and Zied asked us to make some shots for him to honor his deal with a new sponsor. So we took some time for him and produced some epic shots with his new ICON airflite helmet ( which we bought as-well to shoot our new collections ). This is what the stunt community is all about, helping each other out where possible.

Time to spend some time shooting the Birthday Boy, after killing it on the f4i he took his skills to the grom and started messing around. It just doesn’t matter what this guy rides it’s always maaad to see what tricks he does. Glad to see him smiling and having fun after all it is his birthday!

Dave and Paul had finally arrived after the car broke down, they had some coolant issues and made it back home to fix the car by filling it up with water, cola and juice ( Called them ‘the slow as f*ck squad’ in a previous post and they showed once again they deserved this title ). It was good to see the whole crew together only Jantje and Bob were missing out on all the fun.

So word came out that Dave and Paul had brought some tires, it was like a barrier was breached as everyone started to do burnouts. As Jantje would say ‘Alles moet kapot’ which means something like ‘break everything’. Sadly some people take this so seriously as Makki performed an excellent placed scrape and managed to launch himself over the handlebars doing a triple backflip and some judo-rolls.

Wanted to close this blog with a sick shot of Khalid doin’ an epic spreader but while writing this article it has come to our attention that Makki broke is shin and tore out his ACL in his crash. But this didn’t stop him from riding the rest of the day. Khalid called him The Terminator in the group chat think thats going to stick for a while. So always remember even if you’re this good this stunt shit is definitely dangerous, respect the machine and your body. Hope he’s riding again soon!

Couldn’t resist to post the spreader

Update: One Wheel Street aka The Dirtbike Wheelie Crew aka Killing the streets softly with his song dropped an epic video of this sesh! Give them a like and a follow!

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@a.nwd_ ( sorry bro got no pics of you practicing on the pitbike )


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