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Stuntsesh: Aristo’s birthday bash

The Little Big man Aristo (@a.nwd_) birthday was comin’ up and he wanted to ride on his bday, so we got together for an epic session of poppin’ wheelies and killin’ tires. The man turned 14 and is already killin’ it on the bike, been practicing on his little pitbike for a while and making progress, so this little writeup is dedicated to you, happy birthday bro!

We were hoping to take the bike as well and talked to Jarno (@mr.bachuss) about getting it on his trailer because that spot is like a 1.5 hour drive from our home and Julia wasn’t riding because of her wrist/hand. So the plan was to ride to his house and load that fucker up. But while practicing with Steve (@onewheelstreet) on Wednesday the bike gave up and was in need of some repairs. Hoped to have fixed it on Saturday but the parts were not delivered. So no bike. Anyways, decided to pick a time with Jarno as the rest of the group seems to be in a different time zone sometimes. We plan for around 13.00 and these guys (if you’re lucky) show up at around 15.00 ????.

We started our little road trip at 12 o’clock ( no this was not intentional, but it is the time and place where every good session starts ) and set course to Rotterdam. That 1.5 hour drive is a good trip to talk about some future plans and reflect on all the things we’ve done already in this year. And we came to the conclusion we’re making quite the steps in growing this Full Slick lifestyle thing! Pulling up at the spot Jarno and Julia (@juulhop) where already there with Mack their dog. It was the first time meeting them after running around each other for quite some time, when we could make the spot they couldn’t and vice versa. It was pretty dope to finally meet them and have a epicccccccccccc session together. Julia was still recovering from her fall ( never listen to bob ????, he is to savage ) so there was not a lot she could do, lucky for her the weather was pretty good to say the least.

By the time we were done talking Dave and Paul showed-up to start the party. Jarno hopped on the bike and we pulled out the camera’s……. click… click… click… EPIC Shots were made, got you there huh. We have a saying in dutch ‘a donkey doesn’t hit the same rock twice’ ( The meaning is that it would be very stupid to make twice the same mistake. A donkey is regarded not the smartest animal. So, if even a donkey doesn’t make mistakes twice, than you must be very stupid if you do. ). So we arrived with empty SD cards and batteries charged!

So we knew this guy was savage as the group chat was filled with remarks about his ‘kamikaze’ style of riding, but we never anticipated on him killin’ his tire in like the first 10 minutes of the session. Lucky him, Dave brought some extra tires and one for the GSX-R ( Thanks again Homie!) as well.

While Jarno was changing his tire Dave (@dastunts) started his warm up laps. Beginning with some nice sit down BP wheelies and slowly progressing to seat standers and multiple other combinations of wheelies.

This Charger showed up and we are massive Car enthusiasts as well, so we couldn’t withstand to take a shot of this epic beast. It’s not a car you see that often in The Netherlands but has an amazing cult status!

Mr ‘kamikaze’ Bachuss was ready to rip it again and joined the show Dastunts was putting on. Always nice to see the boys pushing each other to higher levels of madness!!

Then at that moment a wild POMPERT appeared with the pompert van hauling his Busa and Jantje’s quad aka the raptor killer. After unloading the bike, greeting everyone and receiving the stickers we had designed for him it was time to put that busa to work. He started her up and proceeded to drop some fever. With those 3th gear burnouts he pulls that tire only lasted about 5 times before it was time to call it quits already.

Andddddddddd in comes the Birthday boy Aristo. With Khalid (@khalidstunting), Ratta, Ayman (Ali) and a lot of other guys. Time to eat some cake and pop some wheelies. Khalid and Yahya Brought their wheelie school material so the Pompert aka Jur could try them out and make a little video about it. But first it was time to see the BDay boy and the grand master at work.

When looking back through the photo’s i noticed Khalid was controlling the throttle with his other hand and was like WTF. Sometimes you just mis shit that is happening right in front of you and this is one of these great examples. But i was also surprised i was surprised because with the skill level Khalid has he is not just goin to do a wheelie in those carts, oh and he still has a broken foot…..

Nick was also on the spot that day and is a welcome addition to the crew, he really rips it up with his runner, last time we were there he was practicing his scrapes and you could really see he improved a lot, whereas he after scraping put his scooter down he now was scraping and continuing to wheelie it.

Don’t mind his facial expression it’s not his fault. I think this is why the other guys wear helmets. Enough with the shenanigans time to watch Khalid and Yahya teach Jur how to wheelie, as he told us he only wheelied in 2th gear and never had any real experience with Balance Point wheelies we were shocked to see how fast he progressed pulling some BP wheelies after 20min of practice and some quick pointers from Khalid. Want to learn how to wheelie? But without the dangers of tipping and getting pointers from one of the sickest riders in The Netherlands, head over to the Wheelie Masters website and book a class!

We decided to take a little break and eat some food, don’t know what happend in Jarno’s mind but out of the blue he started to kill his freshly mounted tire. I’ve never seen someone pull this many burnouts in one session. Most of the times they try to keep the tires fresh till end of the session, but not Bachuss..

Special thanks to Jeen, Yahya and Aristo for providing a nice barbecue for us all it was DE-LICIOUS!! It slowly became time to head home as Monday is around the corner and real life starts in a few hours, time for a good nights rest after a really dope day with the crew. We said goodbye (which took loooooongggg, as there were a shitload of people and you start talking with everybody you say goodbye to, at least we do) and went on our way.

SIDE NOTE, IMPORTANT READ CAREFULLY: On the spot there were a lot of visitors who came to check the stunting out, which is pretty dope, but keep in mind that stunters have a really hard time finding spots to ride and these locations should be treated with respect. When riding on a private property that is freely accessible the stunter in question probably has some kind of agreement with the owner, so if you come to check it out or see a group stunting in a location just walk up to the group , have a chat and maybe ask to ride there, because on some spots there are rules and when broken the group gets banned from that location. The stunters don’t mean to be A-Holes but try to imagine how many times they get kicked from spots and how difficult it is to practice your sport. Let’s keep it fun for everyone!

See you in the next one!


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