Full Slick Bikelife Trucker Cap

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Our new Full Slick Bikelife Trucker Cap is out! With a sick embroidery on the front, our ‘drop a gear and disappear’ tagline and a Full Slick logo on the backside. Made from high quality fabric, taped seams on the inside and black snap this trucker cap is one to add to your collection!

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We have high standards when it comes to the finish of our caps.
Not only do we make these caps out of the highest quality fabric we go
the extra mile by making extra soft labels and lining.

  • Taped seems
  • Extra soft labels
  • Embroidery applied before final assembly.


This cap is made from high quality wool acrylic fabric,
this makes for a long lasting product and luxury feel.

  • Smooth, clean surface
  • 20% Wool
  • 80% Acrylic
  • High quality mesh

Color: Black


Last but not least, all our caps are shipped in a sick box to store your cap in when your adventures end. Its all about keeping that Full Slick cap fresh!


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